The term ‘Virtual Exhibition’ has been used for a while by columnists in the mainstream media, in blogs by futurists and by tech developers for commercial projects. However, despite the popularity of the term, the reality is that most virtual exhibitions have been nothing more than online directories or webinars, until now.

The IndustryUK online trade show is different – it is being built on a web platform that uses high-res CGI and dynamic rendering to allow visitors to attend the show in the first person using a mobile device, tablet or PC.

As its name suggests, IndustryUK is an industrial trade fair that will host a range of exhibition stands from SMEs to market leading brands. Visitors will be invited from a global audience, not just companies with operations in the UK. The emphasis is on promoting the global capabilities of its exhibitors. Unlike conventional exhibitions, the show will be open to visitors all year-round with the stands being constantly updated to promote the newest services and share the latest product launches with registered visitors.

The top priority of the platform is to introduce a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to experience all the benefits of a ‘real’ event, with fewer of the drawbacks. For example, each stand can host 3D rendered products, interactive demonstrations, chat functionality and even provide free giveaways to add to a ‘virtual goodie bag’. Visitors won’t have to face rush hour traffic and parking fees to attend. In fact, visitors will be able to register to the platform and save their favourite stands or materials to make return visits even more efficient.

Of course, virtual exhibitions are unlikely replace the social aspect of attending live trade shows any time soon. These are quite rightly seen by many companies as their best live link to new customers. IndustryUK serves to bridge the gap that exists between live events and traditional digital media. It’s a platform that allows visitors to see what’s out there, at their convenience, 24/7.

Having a virtual version of a live event has also been proven to increase visitor traffic to the live event. It keeps an audience engaged all year round, so, when the opportunity to attend the live show arrives, the decision is encouraged by the opportunity to physically see products and meet people first hand.

Virtual exhibition stands are currently being built and populated that range from 9m2 to more than 200m2 – ready for an initial launch date early in 2019. Once open, the show will renew every quarter, each time adding a wave of new exhibition stands as they are completed.

To find out more, call the team on 01580 389636 or visit the build site at:

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