Sandler Training is widely regarded as one of the premier training platforms for sales, sales management and leadership skills. It has now launched a Virtual Exhibition Stand through IndustryUK with the intention of reaching an audience of 500,000+ with its message of success.

The Sandler Selling System has been adopted by managers and executives in companies of all sizes and all industries. Founded on the principles of the psychology of human behaviour, Sandler promotes personal insight and importance of building relationships with the people you manage and supply.

The Sandler Training virtual stand features wall graphics derived from literature content and allows stand visitors to read some of Sandler’s most popular literature. A video library also includes a series of videos from Sandler CEO, Dave Mattson, explaining some of the Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders.

The stand is already live on the IndustryUK website here. When IndustryUK officially opens the full exhibition in 2019, invitations will be sent out to more than half a million engineers and technology professionals around the world.

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